Game Mode: 4v4
Session Name: OfficialSotf24v4-i-04bd35f11a74a8303 - (v178.8)
2018.11.24-21.08.08 UTC

Winner Tribe : Tribe of Redkiller
Player NameTribe NameScoreLevel
Tilaww - Lvl 67Tribe of Redkiller171667
ICU - Lvl 68Tribe of Redkiller184968
Redkiller - Lvl 59Tribe of Redkiller176959
PwnyTribe of Redkiller1,74456

Player NameTribe NameScoreLevelDied AfterDue ToKilled By
redkiller is the bestFUCK U REDKILLER1,7171 1:11
BeatBoxForLifeSPIDER1,5001 1:16arkiWTF - Lvl 1 ('a 4s LobBY oF RuSt')
JoeTribe of Joe1,5001 1:32auxilio me desmayo - Lvl 6 ('Tribe of Jorge el f')
CelfenTribe of Celfen1,5261 4:14a Megapiranha - Lvl 3
Jorge el furiosoTribe of Jorge el f1,64015 4:37Error404 - Lvl 21 ('#FeelsRusty')
Professionnel is trash n#FeelsRusty1,60917 4:49auxilio me desmayo - Lvl 21 ('Tribe of Jorge el f')
auxilio me desmayoTribe of Jorge el f1,78721 4:56Error404 - Lvl 21 ('#FeelsRusty')
Mexican Batman#FeelsRusty1,66620 6:06Dimo - Lvl 22 ('Tribe of Player')
Nice63Tribe of Celfen1,5267 6:15a Dilophosaurus - Lvl 7
DimoTribe of Player1,67122 6:23Skaja - Lvl 26 ('#FeelsRusty')
SpringBonnie1018Spino1,5006 6:30big cr1t - Lvl 43 ('a 4s LobBY oF RuSt')
arthurSPIDER1,51310 7:21What? - Lvl 15 ('How?')
Antonio masturbaorSEXY MANS1,50011 9:22a Trike - Lvl 20
AshenTribe of Ashen1,50018 9:49Error404 - Lvl 32 ('#FeelsRusty')
sexymanSEXY MANS1,50013 12:24a Megapiranha - Lvl 3
coolcoler hStamm von coolcoler1,50015 16:52Gigantopithecus - Lvl 11 (Gigantopithecus) ('Tribe of AlphaFlem')
What?How?1,79641 19:22
BobTribe of AlphaFlem1,50024 19:29
PwnyTribe of Redkiller1,74456 24:04arkiWTF - Lvl 46 ('a 4s LobBY oF RuSt')
arkiWTFOakH1andtheotherga 4s LobBY oF RuSt1,84252 33:43Jane is Jane - Lvl 53 ('Tribe of Anne')
FUCKWARDOSAa 4s LobBY oF RuSt1,85757 34:04Anne - Lvl 49 ('Tribe of Anne')
asdfasdf1,50026 34:10Anne - Lvl 49 ('Tribe of Anne')
AnneTribe of Anne1,71449 35:26arkiWTF - Lvl 56 ('a 4s LobBY oF RuSt')
Jane is JaneTribe of Anne1,87864 37:17big cr1t - Lvl 61 ('a 4s LobBY oF RuSt')
arkiWTFa 4s LobBY oF RuSt1,72461 37:33Cellese viejo lesbiano - Lvl 42 ('Tribe of Jorge el f')
big cr1ta 4s LobBY oF RuSt1,85261 38:55Cellese viejo lesbiano - Lvl 42 ('Tribe of Jorge el f')
[^] Eliminator#-#1,50029 50:10AlphaFlem - Lvl 43 ('Tribe of AlphaFlem')
: [^] Gibo#-#1,63039 50:12
AlphaFlemTribe of AlphaFlem1,50043 51:11Tilaww - Lvl 60 ('Tribe of Redkiller')
GeraldTribe of AlphaFlem1,50046 52:50Redkiller - Lvl 59 ('Tribe of Redkiller')
Cellese viejo lesbianoTribe of Jorge el f1,78364 58:20ICU - Lvl 66 ('Tribe of Redkiller')
[^] BFL#-#1,74344 01:00:00ICU - Lvl 67 ('Tribe of Redkiller')
[^] Foxy#-#1,51746 01:00:00ICU - Lvl 67 ('Tribe of Redkiller')
Error404#FeelsRusty1,65446 01:00:00Tilaww - Lvl 67 ('Tribe of Redkiller')
Skaja#FeelsRusty1,67745 01:00:00Tilaww - Lvl 67 ('Tribe of Redkiller')