Comparative Bell Times ‐ Large Suburban DistrictsSelect School Districts with Later Start Times Grid (via Blueprint for Change, pp. 75 students said that they slept in the full 2 hours, 81 said they slept in part of the time and 14 said that they did not sleep in at all.The results from this survey support my hypothesis that pushing back the start time for high schools would be beneficial for students.

It was also found through this survey that students on average felt much better in the morning on 2 hour delays then on a regular school day further supporting the idea that pushing back the start time of high schools would be beneficial to students.If students responded that they do not sleep in the full 2 hours on 2 hour delays they were asked what they did with their time. Students said that they typically play video games, do homework, exercise, go out to breakfast, watch tv, relax and spend time with friends and take longer to get ready for school on their 2 hour delays.

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