Invented By a CPAP User For CPAP Users: The CPAP Pro has no straps, no headgear, and no annoying apparatus. Each CPAP Pro setup pack includes Standard (Medium) Nasal Puff Pillows designed to fit most users.
Custom Mouthpiece Keeps CPAP Pro Perfectly Aligned: At the heart of the CPAP Pro is a unique mouthpiece, similar to those used by athletes in sports, that snaps onto the upper teeth during sleep.

Fitting the mouthpiece takes just a few minutes with a simple "boil 'n bite" procedure that creates an exact custom dental impression that snaps onto your upper teeth to hold the CPAP Pro in place.
For anyone who has issues over the "headgear" of normal CPAP end pieces, these units do solve all the issues.
Since your upper teeth always stay in a perfect relationship with your nose, you can sleep in any position and the CPAP Pro will stay in place eliminating skin contact, leaks, irritation and sleepless nights.

Once it is snapped into place CPAP Pro will stay in place comfortably without the need to bite down on it; and if you want to take CPAP Pro off a bit of downward pressure on the mouthpiece will easily release it.

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