Information about what is CPAP machine helps patients suffering from sleep apnea problem to get the best possible help to deal with the disorder.
A CPAP machine is used in the treatment of sleep apnea patients or people who suffer from related breathing problems.
Most of the CPAP machines come with features like heated humidifiers which avoid chances of dryness and skin irritation.
Sometimes, people take lot of time to adjust with the CPAP equipment and its side-effects like infection in the eustacian tube or pressure development behind the cochlea region.
To get the best possible result during the therapy, it is essential to have an appropriate CPAP model as different devices may or may not prove to be equally comfortable to the user.
To get clear understanding about the CPAP machine for sleep apnea, online information and books on medical equipments also help.

George Gregory and his contemporaries from the neonatal ICU at the University of California, San Francisco, CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. As there is an insufficient supply of air to the lungs, a CPAP machine proves to be an effective treatment.
Some of the machines are small in size, handy, lightweight and do not make much noise while using it. Various cases have exhibited that most of the users discard the machine overnight due to the discomfort and uneasiness that it gives to the patient. Though it is home equipment, assistance of the doctor can also be taken to get the basics of the machine. Further, in 1981, the machine faced deviation in its PAP system which was developed by Professor Colin Sullivan at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, Australia.

The machine is basically used to manage breathing problem like sleep apnea as it assures effective treatment.
Infants born with respiratory trouble or bronchopulmonary dysplasia can benefit by using a CPAP machine.

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