A first-of-its-kind app aimed at helping chronic pain sufferers manage their opioid¬†consumption is now available in the App Store. Among other things, the My Opioid Manager App helps patients track their prescription drug intake and ensures they don’t over or under medicate. Furlan noted that the app is only designed for people with chronic pain with conditions like osteoporosis, low back pain, neck issues and muscle spasms. Amy Robidas, a registered nurse at Toronto Rehab and co-author of the app, said the tool helps patients take a more active role in their treatment.

This is a tool that can help patients develop trust with their physician and allow for more time to discuss questions and concerns and set functioning goals,‚ÄĚ said Robidas.
The app is free of charge and comes with a free iBook which helps patients understand more about opioid use. CohnInterventional pain doctor helping Minnesotans manage back, neck, foot, and other pain.
Iron supplements may sometimes be used, although they should only be given to patients whose iron levels are low. For some conditions, such as chronic kidney disease, shots of a medicine called erythropoietin may be given.

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