Handling a toddler can be a tricky task — although they have developed adequately enough to have their own ideas and needs, their physical structure and feelings are still in a fledgling stage and have yet to keep stride. In the coming two years, parents observe as their child goes from being an unsettled toddler who utters only a few syllables to a surefooted kindergartener with a growing consciousness of the world around him or her. Most parents tend to panic when they start to compare other toddlers with their own in terms of walking and speech development.
Between this time gap, toddler development and toddler activities are at its highest, namely talking and walking. Symptoms of fever in toddlersSome babies may continue playing and feeding normally even with fever.

Most toddlers start to take tentative steps between 12 and 15 months, but the conventional range of accomplishing this milestone is very comprehensive. You will realize if your child is seriously ill by other symptoms.But the situation is more alarming if along with fever your child has other symptoms like a flushed skin, extreme irritability, loss of energy, cough, difficulty in breathing, spots on the skin, diarrhea or vomiting. If your toddler was a little late trying to make a rolling motion or reverse and crawl, possibilities are that your toddler may require a few additional weeks or months for learning to walk as well. As long as your toddler is eager to learn and grasps new things, you need not be worried.Toddler Language developmentTalking is inextricably associated to hearing how people around you speak. By hearing others, your toddler will hear the different types of sounds people make when talking and how words sound, and will eventually learn to construct words together to make a sentence.

By the time your toddler is a year old, he or she will, in a diligent manner try to copy sounds from you and the family. From there on, the progress in language is almost stupendous and toddlers grasp and learn to pronounce words and learn to speak by forming sentences on their own.

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