An EEG reading which shows how sleep apnea studies catch periods when you are not breathing. According to sleep apnea studies, the disease’s main problem is that those who suffer from this condition are not aware of it.
When a doctor is consulted, he will typically ask the patient to undergo a sleep apnea sleep study.
Depending on the clinic and the results from the initial nights, one or two nights will be dedicated for most sleep studies.

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Often times, it can only be detected when the person sleeps next to someone else who is able to realize that there is something wrong. A comfortable bed should be available in order for the patient to sleep like he or she normally does. Sleep studies can be uncomfortable for some people since they won’t be sleeping in their own home, but there should be little worry as sleep apnea studies are painless and very important.

The items used for studies are not painful, but may cause irritation for patients with sensitive skin. Mikula says, "When the person stops breathing, that leed sends a signal up to the other leed through this processor and then causes the stimulation, and this stimulation of the nerve sends the tongue out of the mouth."This remote is used to turn the device on before sleeping and off when awake.

Mouthpiece to stop snoring
Mouth guard to stop grinding teeth at night

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