For the TVS super soft SNORE NO MORE Pillow (for back sleepers only) to be effective, you need to sleep with your shoulders on top of the pillow, this simple action allows the head to gently tilt back, naturally tightening the muscles in the throat and opening up the airways to once again allow you, your bed partner and the rest of your household to enjoy a good nights sleep.
The TVS super soft SNORE NO MORE Pillow comes complete with one FITTED, machine washable, OFF WHITE zippered quick drying removable Euro size Pillowcase. Who snores, steals not only the partner the night rest, but often sleeps itself is not particularly good. Wrap A NapA pillow that hugs your head with gentle pressure, giving you the sweet relief of complete darkness, muffled noise and 360 degrees of pillow protection.

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The anatomically shaped "vitalmaxx" Sensory anti-snoring pillow is exactly the approach here.
Join the built-in sensor, a snoring sound, the built-in air cushion is automatically inflated and thereby changing the position of the sun snore softly.

Put on some relaxing music and snooze without disturbing others, and avoid the discomfort of regular earphones being pressed into your ears. Go for a swim and enjoy yourself without stressing about your stuff.Anti Snore PillowIts contoured design cradles the head to create optimal breathing alignment.

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