We had to be at the sleep study at 7:30 pm, so I told her we were going to have a dinner date first. He brought it up a few times and the tech kept saying they wanted me to sleep in the big bed with M because “kids this age tend to pull their sensors off.” I knew he wasn’t going to pull anything off, but then M ended up agreeing to be in the bed so I didn’t push for the crib at that point.
I’ll have a bunch of pictures here on Wednesday, which will be available for anyone to use to prepare their child for a sleep study.
I’d never had a sleep study myself, so I had no idea what to expect for a hospital sleep study as an adult, never mind a toddler.
But here are some tips that will hopefully get you through a hospital sleep study with your toddler.

I can’t even imagine getting Joshua to go to sleep like that, he ripped the patch over his eye off after surgery and that was just one patch.
She kept repeating “well, we really prefer for children at this age to sleep in the adult bed so their parent can lay down with them.” She finally said that they’d leave a crib in the hall if he got to the hospital and wouldn’t sleep in the large bed.
The day of the sleep study, my toddler couldn’t stop telling her friends all about it. Then M wanted me to sleep with him which about blew me over as the only time he has ever wanted to sleep in our bed was once when he was sick.
So, that’s my other regret about not insisting on the crib…I don’t know how valid this study was.

I guess with both the child life specialist and tech pressing, I worried that M would pull his sensors off and we wouldn’t be able to complete the study.

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