While you can’t re-engineer how your body is designed, you may be able to change your habits and routine to make night shift a little easier.
There are some tips and tricks you can use that will help you stay alert and useful during a night shift. If you find yourself starting to doze off on a night shift a great strategy to stay awake is to start moving. When you’re on a long night shift, you might find your mind is wandering to comfortable places like your warm bed or your nice fluffy pillow. Without further delay, the following are helpful ways to keep you awake during a night shift.

So if you find you’re having trouble staying awake at night, it’s just because you’re human. Downtime at night is a great time to organize and count supplies to ensure everything is stocked and ready to go. The above tips are just a fraction of the ways to help you stay awake during a long night shift. Even so it, it can be done, and many nurses thrive on the night shift and would even tell you that they would never go back to day shift. Also, drinking water can help increase the oxygenation of your blood level that may increase alertness and help you stay awake more easily during a long night shift.

Since many nurses find they gain weight on the night shift, this shift to healthy eating habits may help prevent weight gain and increase your overall health.

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