With all the hormonal changes going on during pregnancy, it may become difficult to catch that peaceful night sleep.
It was no sooner that my friend mentioned her sleeping troubles than I came across an article on a local ABC station with tips on how pregnant women can catch some more Zzzs at night. We all know how important sleep is, and that not getting enough can affect our moods and health. Keep lights dim before going to bed and during your boring reading session to begin to set the sleep mood. You will tend to be a lot hotter during pregnancy than you would be normally, so having a fan or an air conditioner in the bedroom will help you keep cool as you sleep.
It is impossible to sleep on your stomach, and after your fourth month you do not want to sleep on your back. Of course it is vitally important that you stay properly hydrated during pregnancy, so if you are not drinking during those hours before bedtime, make sure to drink extra during the rest of the day. Staying in semidarkness helps keep your body in sleep mode, so it will be easier to nod off again when you get back in bed.

If you just find it impossible to sleep, get up and do something else instead of tossing and turning. About Giving Life Magazine“Giving Life” Pakistan’s First Magazine on Parenting & Pregnancy that gathers a market in Karachi, Dubai Singapore & Malaysia.
I remember not getting my solid 8 hours when I was pregnant with the twins, and it was miserable. They provide your back and belly with more support, making you more comfortable during the night. One of the most disruptive things about sleeping when pregnant is to get up many times during the night to pee. If you are having trouble sleeping because your mind is racing thinking about the new baby and all the changes that will soon be happening in your life, try practicing some relaxation techniques before bedtime.
The emotional changes, mood swings, anxiety and depression all add to pregnancy insomnia and trouble sleeping.Here are some tips to achieve better sleep during pregnancy. All this can lead to sleep discomfort which further aggravates your irritability and anxiety.

This ensures that you sleep peacefully without any aches or physical discomfort disturbing your sleep. This will help your biological clock to set and will ensure that you get a good night’s sleep. Groggy all day, not having a clear mind, and lack of sleep coupled with pregnancy emotions makes for one moody mama.
Poor and insufficient sleep is also linked to an increased risk of complications during labor, according to the new study cited by ABC. Using a pillow between your legs or underneath your stomach can make side sleeping a lot more comfortable.
This is pretty much impossible to avoid, but if you limit your liquid consumption for a few hours before bedtime, you may have to get up fewer times during the night.

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