Given the time constraints, only seven (7) of the 41 questions were asked by the moderator and answered by the eight candidates.  So in the interests of open, transparent and inclusive post-forum dialogue, we are publishing all the audience-submitted questions as a catalyst to further discussion.
There will be a large wave of young people with ASD transitioning from school to adult life. You say that the $70 million budget should be used for services we actually need… Why spend so much on state of the art technology when the basic technology we have in junior high schools, high schools, etc. Please identify your highest budgetary savings that you would propose as a member of the school board.

Our education programs are tops in the region – but our school facilities are spotty at best, missing at worst. With with him DJUSD there is a high demand for programs such as Spanish Immersion, Montessori, and AIM. His undergraduate degree is from Cornell University and his MBA is from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. We have one of the earliest start times but also the single longest day of the top 30 high schools in California.

He is a past member of the Editorial Board of the Davis Vanguard, Yolo County's South Davis General Plan Citizens Advisory Committee, the Davis School District's 7-11 Committee for Nugget Fields, the Yolo County Health Council and the City of Davis Water Advisory Committee and Natural Resources Commission.

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