A year ago I reviewed The Big Sleep, one of my favourite Bogart films, when it was re-released by the BFI. My five-year-old nephew is currently learning the alphabet, so I thought I would honour cinema’s greatest star, with an A-Z of Humphrey Bogart.
Where better to begin than the Acme Book Shop, scene of Philip Marlowe’s rainy afternoon dalliance in The Big Sleep. Greer Garson presented Bogart with his only best actor Oscar for his role as Charlie Allnut in The African Queen in 1952.
Nerves, an unsuccessful 1924 play, produced at New York’s Comedy Theatre, starred Bogie and his future wife Mary Philips. The Petrified Forest gave Bogie his first major role, as glowering gangster Duke Mantee in Robert E Sherwood’s play.

The erratic behaviour of Bogart’s Lt Cmdr Philip Francis Queeg led his crew into troubled waters in The Caine Mutiny.
Peter Viertel was an uncredited writer on both The African Queen and Beat the Devil and an adopted member of the Rat Pack. The Return of Doctor X, in which Bogie plays Dr Maurice Xavier, is one of his more obscure outings from the late 30s.
Bibliophile Dorothy Malone obviously knows the difference between a Ben-Hur 1860 and an old-fashioned chat-up line. Director Vincent Sherman later made the 1980 biopic Bogie, with Kevin O’Connor in the title role. He was also seen opposite Bogie in the star-studded musical fundraiser Thank Your Lucky Stars.

The first edition continues to show up on eBay for modest prices a couple of times per month. All materials contained on this website are protected by United States copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written permission. The left column begins with Yertle and ends with 500 Hats; right column begins with Oobleck and ends with Mulberry Street.
The lower box lists the four small-format Beginner Books, beginning with Cat In The Hat and ending with Green Eggs And Ham.

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