The last 3 are recognized signs of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), which accounts for 50% of high blood pressure cases, 30% of heart attacks, 60% of strokes, and 25 % of heart failures (3).
Despite all that, SG is still at risk for a heart attack from airway obstruction by his tongue during sleep (2, 3). I thought feeling sleepy during the day and waking up feeling tired were very common sleep problems but now but after reading this article I think I should not neglect them.

The heart rate goes up 10 seconds after teeth grinding (4) because oxygen starvation is a life threatening crisis. Three years after his heart attack, he still works and enjoys being the dad of his lovely daughter.
Singh GD, et al, Case report: Effect of mandibular tori removal on obstructive sleep apnea parameters.

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