Believe it or not, habits like tooth grinding can have soothing effects on children, even if the sound of teeth grinding together is very uncomfortable for others to hear.
Sometimes adults wear a mouth guard while they sleep to prevent wear on their teeth if they are known grinders. If you're concerned that your child has worn their teeth down to a dangerous level, broken or fractured teeth or are otherwise in pain from an oral habit, contact a pediatric dentist to evaluate these signs and symptoms. If you do happen to grind your teeth on a regular basis, many people find that participating in stress-relieving activities can help relax you enough that bruxism is quelled, and your tooth enamel is saved from damage.  Yoga, regular massages, morning meditation, stress balls, journal writing, a warm bath, doing a puzzle, reading quietly, listening to classical music, or any activity that might put your mind at ease and relax your body can potentially reduce your teeth grinding issues. There are a few biological reasons that explain why children so commonly grind their teeth.

Nail biting is also known to wear down the edges of teeth, especially if it happens often and with heavy force. If any tell-tale signs are clear, they would include: general mouth discomfort, toothaches, and unexplained cracked teeth. Chronic teeth grinders can even start to have other symptoms like headaches, neck pain, earaches, and jaw discomfort.
Children usually grow out of this bruxing problem by age ten without causing any permanent damage to their teeth. It can be a very disturbing noise and baby teeth can certainly wear down, but usually it does not result in tooth problems that require treatment.

Do not wake your child if it is occurring in their sleep or put something between their teeth.

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