Sleep apnea is a condition characterized by episodes of choking or not breathing during sleep.
For reasons that are still unclear, in deep sleep, breathing can stop for a period of time (often more than 10 seconds). Older obese men seem to be at higher risk, though as many as 40% of people with obstructive sleep apnea are not obese.
The classic picture of obstructive sleep apnea includes episodes of heavy snoring that begin soon after falling asleep. Forty million Americans suffer from some sort of chronic, long term sleep disorder, and 20 million suffer occasional sleeping problems. Medical doctors receive very little sleep training in school, but this is still more than most dental students receive. The CPAP machine is the gold standard of the sleep industry, yet more than 50% of the patients receiving CPAPs will not use them.
People with sleep apnea have an eight times greater chance of auto accident, and it is estimated that forty percent of truckers have sleep apnea. These muscles usually relax during sleep, but the passage remains open enough to permit the flow of air.

The apnea is then interrupted by a loud snort and gasp and the snoring returns to its regular pace. He has spent the last eighteen months studying the dental and orthodontic roles for this menacing disorder and is  now incorporating treatment into his practice.  He has attended over 100 hours of post graduate training and visited offices in Dallas, Denver, West Virginia and Milwaukee that limit their practice to sleep apnea and snoring. Some individuals have a narrower passage, and during sleep, relaxation of these muscles causes the passage to close, and air cannot get into the lungs. The result is fragmented sleep that is not restful, leading to excessive daytime drowsiness.
Therefore mild sleep apnea patients have twice the risk of heart attack as a smoker, the next likeliest victim.
A polysomnograph is a test of sleep cycles and stages through the use of continuous recordings of brain waves (EEG), electrical activity of muscles, eye movement (electrooculogram), breathing rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, and heart rhythm and direct observation of the person during sleep.
Think of the money and research that goes into the treatment of hypertension yet sleep apnea is three times more likely to promote a heart attack than hypertension. You typically spend the night in a sleep center with dozens of electrodes attached to various and sensitive parts of the body.
Those wishing to use their insurance should seek dual treatment with my office and a sleep lab with a medical doctor.

If during the study you test positive for sleep apnea, they will wake you and fit you with a CPAP machine. There is not a doctor that treats sleep trained through a residency based program like a surgeon. I can fabricate a mouthpiece that is recommended by the Academies for snoring and mild to moderate OSA (sleep apnea).
CPAP is considered the most effective non-surgical treatment for the alleviation of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. The Academy of Sleep Medicine and The Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine have tried to standardize the industry.
The appliance I make holds the lower jaw forward during sleep which keeps the airway more patent and lowers the number of apneas, or choking experiences, one has during the night.

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