Snoring surgery is not commonly used and it's only considered if the snorer has a very severe snoring problem and when other snoring treatments have been tried but are unsuccessful.
Snoring surgery also can be done to repair a deviated septum or to remove polyps which have developed in the nasal passages as both block the flow of air through the nose. You should always try all know home treatments for snoring before considering undergoing snoring surgery. If you have tried every known remedy for helping you to stop snoring but have had no luck, you might wish to consider making an appointment with your doctor. Surgery for snoring is done to remove excessive amounts of tissue from the throat so that the upper airways are opened wide. With the use of a laser beam, a surgeon can shrink the soft palate and uvula by vaporizing the tissue.

With this type of surgery, a CO2 laser is used to cut away the uvula, a portion of the soft palate and part of the tonsils.
There are numerous stop snoring devices on the market which are affordable and easily obtainable. Stop snoring surgery may involve taking out the patient's tonsils and adenoids and other tissue which is located at the back of the throat. Stop snoring surgery can consist of implanting plastic cylinders into the soft palate to stiffen it and to prevent vibration what causes snoring. Many snorers have found relief by making changes to their lifestyles such as losing weight, cutting or restricting alcohol usage and through the use of devices designed to help people stop snoring.
It's less invasive and risky then general surgery which is performed using a scalpel in an operating room while the patient is under general anesthesia.

If you do decide to explore the possibility of undergoing surgery for snoring, make an appointment with your primary healthcare provider. If he or she feels that you are a candidate for snoring surgery, you will be referred to a specialist who will conduct an examination to see if you are indeed a candidate.

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