The anti-snoring mouthpiece works as a splint by positioning and holding the lower jaw slightly forward during sleep. It is very simple and effective oral device for use in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. It is a plain and simple treatment, which relives you of the inconvenience that snoring causes.
But, all these mouthpieces have the same ambition to stop vibrating of the tissue or soft palate at the back of the throat.

So, widening of the respiratory tract takes place which enables air to flow unobstructed through the breathing passage enabling the patient to breathe more freely and stop snoring.
Snore-Ex’s anti snoring mouthpiece is an adult only oral appliance called Mandibular Advancement Device. Most of these anti snoring mouthpieces are working to clear air passage by setting the jaw in a certain position. Other anti snoring mouthpieces prevent the tongue from blocking the throat but that is often only one part of the problem.

This anti snoring mouthpiece helps the snorer to have quality sleep and also it prevents disruption in the sleep of the other partner.

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