One of the Pittsburgh regions's most highly ranked centers for the treatment of heart attacks has recently enhanced its services, giving it even greater capabilities for efficient, accurate diagnosis and the most advanced emergency cardiac care available anywhere.
This procedure is known as balloon angioplasty, and a hospital's success in treating heart attack patients is measured in part by so-called "door-to-balloon" time – the amount of time it takes to treat a heart attack patient from the moment he or she arrives at the Emergency Department door to the time the balloon is inserted to unblock the obstructed coronary artery.
Clair Hospital has expanded its Cardiac Catheterization Lab, adding an entirely new third room, along with cutting-edge technologies. Clair, says the addition of the electrophysiology studies, which examine the heart's electrical conduction system, increased the Cath Lab's volume and necessitated the construction of the additional room.

Ideally, this takes place in a series of precise, well-orchestrated increments that begins in the community and progresses through the Emergency Medical System (EMS), the Emergency Department and then the Cath Lab.
It will enhance the hospital's cardiac emergency care and provide greater space for the more than 2,000 procedures that the busy lab performs annually. He has been with the Cath Lab for 14 years and still finds it challenging, educational and satisfying.
Clair consistently ranks first in the Pittsburgh region in its door-to-balloon time rate and is among the best-performing hospitals in the nation in this regard.

In the Cath Lab, we are able to 'fix' people immediately after an acute heart attack, within minutes.

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