With our lives becoming increasingly mobile and multi-task oriented, getting the recommended eight hours can be difficult, and even when we do, the quality of our sleep might not be all that it should be.
Proactive Sleep is a multifunction sleep app that includes basics like an alarm clock with snooze feature and ambient music. If you’re really committed to learning more about your sleep habits, Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock provides you with a tool for analyzing your sleep habits. A wireless-enabled wearable device that measures data such as the number of steps walked, quality of sleep, and other personal metrics. A motionX powered GPS enabled health monitoring device which tracks the persons steps, sleep and its quality and food. The careful observation and wit of a comedian can bring touching lessons from life's most absurd moments. By literally placing the iPhone next to you while you sleep, the app will monitor your movement and wake you in your lightest sleep phase so you arise feeling refreshed and well-rested. A small chip worn in a pocket of the shirt processes that data to determine the phase of sleep, such as REM sleep (when we dream), light sleep, or deep sleep. The state of sleep is detected by a headband and a bedside base unit awakens the sleeper during the last light sleep phase before the desired waking time. The BAM Labs® TLC under mattress sensor and HIPAA-compliant cloud monitoring platform transforms any bed into a smart bed.
Sleep deprivation, and a lack of quality sleep, can lead to weight problems, high blood pressure, and a weaker immune system (amongst a host of other issues).
The FDA registered TLC System empowers healthcare professionals and caregivers to easily and efficiently monitor essential health information wirelessly anytime and from anywhere – without attaching anything to the patient or resident.

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