Fact is, this isn’t a beauty contest, so unless it’s Heidi Klum sleeping next to you in bed at night, the jaw supporter, also referred to as the chin strap, is one of the best products available to stop snoring immediately! There are quite a few products out there to help you stop snoring in the area of airway enhancers or nasal dilation. Some stop snoring throat sprays taste just awful, but with that look in your wife’s eye that says, “you better take one for the team here so I can sleep,” you’re going to have to grin and bear it! As such, we have reviewed 8 different throat spays on the market today and only 2 make the grade. Some have more potential than others but really it depends on you, and just how bad your snoring problem is.

Today several companies manufacture pillows that help you position your body on your side and back, and help you reduce or eliminate snoring and greatly improve sleep quality. Some of these throat sprays can be administered through the nose, but we don’t recommend nose sprays unless you actually enjoy gagging a lot. When considering exercise and diet as a means to prevent snoring, you should consult your general physician at the outset. We have uncovered alternative ways to stop snoring from as far out as hypnosis to crazy concoctions of ingredients in tea. TENS (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation) technology is prevalent in a lot of products outside of anti snoring devices.

That said, the the following alternative snoring remedies are more likely to benefit the average snorer. Surgeons can remove your uvula, part of the roof of the mouth also known as the soft palette, or excess throat tissue like the tonsils, adenoids, or the pharynx. In effect negating the path of least resistance, your mouth, and helping to create a lip seal that promotes breathing through your nose.

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