You can recognize this sleep disorder with few symptoms, which include waking up with a choked feel while sleeping or feel that you have stopped breathing while you were sleeping. This condition would also make you experience abnormal pauses and breathing might be very low when you are sleeping.
If you stop breathing while sleeping and experience other similar symptoms then it means you are having sleep apnea.
If you wake up in the middle of the night and realize that you are choking without breathing.

You might experience day time sleepiness as you might wake at many instances as your breathing would have lots of pauses in the middle. As you have sleep problems, you would wake up with a bad headache, which will affect all the work you do. If you have excess body weight, your doctor would advise you to lose some extra weight and advice you to sleep in different position while promoting the sleep quality. This mask would help you to sleep freely without experiencing choking and you will not stop breathing while sleeping.

You will never be able to identify this condition until your spouse or someone sleeping near you witnesses it.

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