Snoring is a disorder that involves the vibration of the soft palette because of the blockage that it provides to a person’s airway. Aside from this, there are also certain sleeping positions that you can do to provide better breathing for you as you sleep. It is advisable for a patient who snores to sleep on the side instead of lying on his back because it opens up the airway wider, which can prevent snoring. Snoring may not be truly dangerous in itself but the effects of this phenomenon may prove to hamper your daily functioning.

Snoring in itself is not dangerous but it could progress to a more serious condition called sleep apnea. Nasal surgery for example can remove the blockage that possibly hampers the breathing pattern that causes the snoring. Sleeping in the right position can provide you a healthier and much safer alternative in dealing with your snoring dilemma.
Another surgery corrects the deviated septum, which in turn will properly align the breathing organs that will therefore correct the snoring.

The lungs and alveoli may be blocked by smoke causing you to experience lose of breathing during sleep or apnea, which is a more progressed condition of snoring.

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