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How to eliminate snoring ms - As more studies examine the levels of phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, and the development of red blood cells. Women who snore when they are pregnant may be at risk of developing dangerously high blood pressure that could threaten their lives when they give birth.
Around 10% of pregnant women suffer from pre-eclampsia, a condition in which high blood pressure can lead to injury or even death in the mother and the foetus. New Scientist magazine reports that a team from Umea University in Sweden have discovered that breathing problems that cause snoring may be a risk factor. While only 4% reported frequent snoring before pregnancy, 23% snored by the end of their pregnancies.
Around 10% of the snoring women had pre-eclampsia, while only 4% of non-snorers developed the condition.

All patients with pre-eclampsia started snoring before any hint of pre-eclampsia, such as blurred vision, appeared. Dr Natalie Edwards and her colleagues at the University of Sydney looked at 32 women with severe pre-eclampsia and 40 with normal pregnancies and found that all the women with pre-eclampsia were snorers.
The Australian researchers found that they could prevent both the snoring and the high blood pressure by giving women breathing masks attached to a machine that kept their airways open while they were asleep. Lincolnshire GP Dr Martyn Walling, a member of the Primary Care Gynaecology Group, said there was no obvious medical link between snoring and pregnancy.
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