While there are many reasons that people do not get enough sleep, snoring is one that is also linked to several additional health issues. Whether snoring is caused by allergies or obesity, changing your diet may help you stop, save your relationship, sleep better, and decrease your risk of several mental and physical health problems. Be sure to visit your doctor, but some non-medicinal treatments for snoring include nasal strips or an anti-snoring mouthpiece.

While it might be adorable to hear a child snore, it is rarely cute when you are trying to share a bed with someone snoring.
Snoring is generally caused by some sort of airway obstruction which may be caused by several things including obesity and allergies among others. Snoring can cause sleep interruption and sleep apnea which causes frequent waking, shallow sleep, and strain on the heart.

Snoring itself has been linked to risk of stroke, diabetes, elevated blood pressure, and heart disease.

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