Sleep difficulties are common while you are expecting, but snoring during pregnancy is the one problem that might keep your partner awake more than you.
Many women who have never snored before may find out that they've started during pregnancy. Weight gain: People who are overweight are more likely to snore in general, not just during pregnancy. Increased blood flow: The pressure and swelling you feel in your nose during pregnancy isn't your imagination.
Colds and allergies: When you're not pregnant, you might just pop some allergies pills when pollen season kicks up. Although you might not be able to use the standard remedies for a stuffy nose that leads to snoring during pregnancy, there are some more holistic approaches that can still work.

Since your snoring bothers your family members more than you, it might seem like it's no big deal.
If you find yourself rolling onto your back during the night, try placing a body pillow behind you as you fall asleep on your side. But, snoring during pregnancy can actually cause problems for both you and your baby, especially if it develops into sleep apnea.
In most cases, the snoring goes away after pregnancy and doesn't have any long term effects, but this can be an indicator of other problems that need to be addressed. A mom who may have had a few extra pounds before pregnancy is more likely to gain excess weight during her nine months.
But, since a lot of those medications are off-limits during pregnancy, you have little choice other than to suffer from the symptoms.

In many cases, the mother-to-be may not even be aware that she is snoring until her partner wakes her up with an elbow to a ribs or complains about it the next morning. The weight gain of pregnancy alone is sometimes enough to cause snoring, even in a woman who was petite before conceiving. During the day, you may not even notice that it's harder to breath, but at night, your body takes over and you start mouth-breathing to bring in adequate air flow. Some studies have also shown a relationship between snoring during pregnancy and gestational diabetes.

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