One of the most important reasons to breathe through your nose is because of a gas called nitric oxide that’s made by your nose and sinus mucous membranes. Also, if you can’t breathe well through your nose, your sense of smell will suffer and therefore your sense of taste, since your smell and taste buds are connected.
Lastly, not breathing well through your nose can aggravate snoring or obstructive sleep apnea. Lastly, not breathing well through your nose can aggravate snoring or obstructive sleep apnea. These simple 7 steps won’t help everyone, but If you can go down the list and apply all the steps, many if not most of you should feel some improvement in your ability to breathe through your nose. If you are a chronic mouth breather, in addition to what I described above, your jaw is probably more narrow than normal, with some degree of dental crowding.
This item will be sent through the Global Shipping Programme and includes international tracking. Advantages of breathing through your noseBreathing through nose is vital to healthy living. As the weather chills and allergies and colds abound, and nasal congestion becomes a common trend, mouth breathing inevitably follows-especially when you’re sleeping.

Not breathing well through your nose can alter your heart rate and blood pressure, as well as increase your stress responses. The most common explanation is that bacteria from your mouth can spread through the bloodstream and infect your heart valves (called endocarditis). But for many chronic mouth breathers, breathing through the nose is a struggle, if not impossible. Chronic mouth breathers also tend not to sleep well at night due to various degrees of breathing difficulty. Patent Pending) The Mouth Strap will stop you from breathing through your mouth during sleep.
In contrast, mouth breathers were much more prone to being sick, weak, and just unattractive. Not only is their quality of life diminished, but they’ll also have a variety of other health-related conditions such as dry mouth, snoring, fatigue, and poor sleep.
Moreover, breathing through the mouth deprives the lungs of oxygen and can cause a loss of concentration, sexual dysfunction, growth disorders, memory loss, chronic fatigue, stroke, dry mouth, vocal chords damage, facial deformity and a variety of other ill health outcomes. People who suffer from chronic shortness of breath, should not only breathe through their nose.

Mouth breathing can surely ruin your social image, but that’s nothing compared to the havoc it can wreak on your health.
This is why you often hear fitness and yoga instructors emphasize inhaling and exhaling through your nose during workouts.
Mouth breathing due to craniofacial narrowing and inflammation also dries out saliva, which helps to protect your mouth from pathogens. This is why you often hear fitness and yoga instructors emphasize inhaling and exhaling through your nose during workouts. In my last article I addressed 5 reasons why it’s important to breathe through your nose.
Also people that have a severe snoring problem, or suffer from other medical conditions such as sleep apnea, asthma, heart disease, stroke, or hypertension should consult with a physician.2. If you’re missing teeth, then your mouth gets smaller, narrowing your airway even further.

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