Normally the result of snoring is a lack of air flow and thus lack of oxygenated blood which can cause the brain to be alerted to a problem and thus wake you up. Interrupted sleep regularly caused by snoring can cause you and your partner many problems including general tiredness throughout the day, memory loss, mood changes throughout the day and depression, impacting on your social life and work ability.
I would advise NHS patients to exercise their right to choose a clinic that can get their treatment started immediately. The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement is publishing a profile of the Snoring Disorders Centre, outlining the service and the impact it has had both for individual patients and Lincolnshire as a whole.

The Lincolnshire-based Snoring Disorders Centre has opened a new clinic at Johnson Hospital in Spalding to enable sufferers of sleep apnoea from the surrounding communities easy access to a high quality treatment service. At the Snore Centre there is a strong emphasis on patient satisfaction, which is monitored via interactive touch screen technology. The Snoring Disorders Centre won an East Midlands Health and Social Care Award in the Service Transformation category in 2008, and also an MEH award for Excellence in Respiratory Care in 2009.
Sufferers shouldn’t have to wait this long for assessments, and there are other clinics (such as Sleeping Disorders Centres) where the wait will be much shorter.

The Snoring Disorders Centre took a stand at the Arab Health exhibition in Dubai this year to raise awareness of the negative impact that OSA is having in the UAE and wider Middle East, and I met with healthcare professionals interested in treating this issue in the Arab region.
These relaxed muscles can, in some people, cause a difficulty for air to pass through our pharynx and as a result the soft tissue around our pharynx can vibrate causing snoring.

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