Unhealthy sleep patterns combined with other factors could increase mortality risk, according to a study in Australia of people ages 45 and older. But the study also showed that the combination of physical inactivity with sedentary behavior, or physical inactivity with too much sleep, were as strongly linked to mortality among the participants as the combination of smoking with heavy drinking. And when people combined physical inactivity with long sleep times and extended periods of sitting, the negative effects were even more dramatic, with the combined risk for death increasing by up to four times as much as in those who were sedentary and slept too much, but at least got some exercise, Ding explained.

SNORERS may be sending their sleeping partners to an early grave – by pushing up their blood pressure at night.
Sounds above 35 decibels – the equivalent to a plane flying overhead, the noise of heavy traffic or someone snoring loudly – is enough to cause the problem.
The research followed recent findings by the same scientists that associated high blood pressure with living near an airport or under a flight path.

For each participant, the researchers counted how many unhealthy behaviors he or she engaged in, including smoking, drinking alcohol, eating unhealthy foods, being physical inactive, exhibiting sedentary behaviors and sleeping too much (which the researchers defined as more than 9 hours per night).

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