Although this syndrome has been reported as early as the second trimester, it is mainly a problem of late pregnancy, after 36 weeks or so. In fact, sleeping on one’s right side or in any other position than on the left side correlated with a higher risk of stillbirth. Depending on her risk tolerance and ability to sleep, one woman might look at these data and feel fine sleeping on her back.
For me, sleeping with a pregnancy pillow, resting mostly but not completely on my back was the right choice. But several pregnancy websites and and my OBs had warned me against sleeping on my back during pregnancy.
Within the same clinic, one OB told me to avoid lying on my back from 4 months on, another told me to avoid this position from 7 months on, and a third said not to worry until the last month of pregnancy.
Instead, women should be told that a small minority of pregnant women feel faint when lying flat. Women can easily determine whether lying flat has this effect on them, and most will adopt a comfortable position that is likely to be a left supine position or variant thereof.

Two hundred twenty women who had recently given birth reported their sleep practices during pregnancy. Researchers interviewed 155 women who experienced unexplained late stillbirths (after 28 weeks) about their sleep position both before pregnancy and in the last month, the last week, and the last night before their pregnancy ended. Their responses were compared to 301 control women, who were a similar number of weeks along but with ongoing pregnancies. In my personal opinion, the research is not strong enough to support blanket warnings against back sleeping.
I’m currently in my second trimester and have been told to begin sleeping on my left side.
Pregnancy was supposed to be an opportunity to stock up on sleep before the newborn period.

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