Central Sleep Apnea (CSA) - The brain usually forgets to signal the body to breathe while sleeping. Sleeping much more than the recommended number of hours can lead to many more health problems. If you tend to exceed the recommended sleeping hours, and are suffering from any mental or physical side effects of this condition, then book an appointment with your doctor ASAP.
However, it is said that too much of anything is bad, and excessive sleeping too has its ill effects on the body. There are several causes as to why a person sleeps too much -- a condition medically termed as hypersomnia or oversleeping. It is a sleep-related breathing disorder which most commonly affects adults, and is defined with multiple respiratory interruptions or pauses while sleeping.

It is characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness and uncontrollable episodes of sleep attacks.
Once you wake up from a deep, satisfied sleep, and yet you feel like sleeping again, it is a probable sign of depression. Reason being, this can disrupt the circadian rhythms - the biological time of the body, making it difficult to sleep on time at night, and eventually leading to excessive sleeping. Sleep has the power to revitalize the human body, but if you get less or too much sleep, your body will not respond positively.
However, some common causes are stress, lack of self-discipline, and poor sleep in a span of a couple of days. Even though the parent is sleeping, the subconscious mind remains alert and waits for the kids' call, and this eventually results in excessive sleep.

This will help you reestablish regular and good sleeping habits, which are vital in order to lead a healthy life. These are some of the temporary causes that can be taken care of with a little willpower and determination.
But there are some causes which need to be dealt with clinically, and are not as simple as the temporary ones.

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