Some dogs have sleep disorders, which could indicate health problems beyond sleep deprivation. Sleeping pills may not be necessary for dogs when they are taken along on vacations with their owners. Prescription dog sleeping pills are generally stronger than those that can be bought over the counter.
Similar to human medication, canine medication comes in prescription and over-the-counter formulas. Whether you bring your dog to the veterinarian or decide to try over-the-counter dog sleeping pills, first you should research the various prescription and store-bought formulas. Some dogs suffer from canine sleep disorders, and these could lead to or indicate health problems beyond just sleep deprivation. Generally, prescription sleeping pills for dogs are stronger, and because you need a prescription to obtain them, your vet has approved their use. Researching the product and consumer reviews will help with this, as will comparing the costs of the same dog sleeping pills at a variety of retail locations. However, your vet will be more likely to recommend alternate ways of calming your pet. If, as the article says, you really don't think your dog's sleeping problems could mean an underlying medical issue, it might be worth researching alternate methods to help them sleep yourself to avoid the cost of an office visit. On the other hand, you might be interested in dog sleeping pills because you plan to take a trip with your dog and you want him to be calm and relaxed.
Your own sleeping tablets, human formulated over-the-counter or prescriptions aren’t a good idea.

Some over-the-counter remedies are available in herbal and natural formulas, which might be important to you. Before you purchase over-the-counter dog sleeping pills, make sure both the store and the brand have reputations for manufacturing and distributing quality products. Such research will also help you find sleeping pills for dogs that are both safe quality products and within your price range. The veterinarian can recommend the appropriate medication for the condition or situation, as well as diagnose any condition you might not be aware of.
Too, some companies manufacture over-the-counter medication to help calm and soothe pets, which is often necessary for an owner traveling with a dog. If you opt to bring your dog to the veterinarian for a prescription, such research might help you know which questions to ask during his appointment. Poisoning from sleeping pills could cause your dog to experience excessive saliva, stomach pain, vomiting or worse.
Careful with the powerful drugs as it may cost you more in vet bills in the long run as well as unnecessary pain and suffering for your dog. An example is Xanax which is a strong sedative that isn’t recommended in any dose.Providing sleeping pills to your dog is serious business.
Using your dog’s medical history, including their size, breed, age and weight, a vet can determine what dosage to give them without causing undue harm.Natural Remedies for StressRather than turning to human medication, which isn’t made for dogs’ metabolisms and their digestive organs, try a natural approach to keep them calm during firework displays and other stressful events. A calming effect can also improve their overall sleeping patterns.A popular product is Rescue Remedy.

Herbal calming tablets specially formulated for dogs are also good.These types of tablets are usually all natural and less likely to cause complications. Most are cheaper in the long run because you’ll avoid ending up at the vet late at night due to a sleeping tablet mishap!Finally, an interesting and practical invention has gained popularity that assists with calming your pet. You’ve probably seen some dogs wearing a type of coat which has been known to have a calming effect.
This is an ideal solution which doesn’t require medication.An Accidental DoseMaybe you left sleeping pills somewhere and came back to find that your dog had eaten the whole bottle! Otherwise, you will have to get to the vet as quickly as possible.They will force the dog to vomit and closely monitor them for a time to ensure there are no ongoing adverse effects. You have to act fast if your dog has consumed a significant amount of sleeping pills.Sleeping Pills For DogsIn some cases your vet will prescribe special medication designed for pets to reduce stress and anxiety. Such pills are used, for example, if your canine is scheduled to accompany you on a long flight. It tends to help to relax them more than getting them to sleep.These kinds of sleeping pills should have little to no effect on metabolism or digestive organs when used in moderation.
I was thinking of giving him sleeping pills so I can bring him to the vet shop to be groomed.

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