Physical injuries, distressing encounters with other animals and infections are the primary causes of depression in dogs. Changes of Personality – If you notice peculiar changes in your dogs personality, he might be suffering from depression. Changes in Sleeping Pattern – Just as your dog may begin to mope and sleep excessively, it can also have difficulty sleeping and become restless if depressed. Canine depression is usually the result of constant or temporary traumatic stress in their environment.

The infant will seem floppy, because the muscle tone is decreased, and tend to sleep excessively. Sleep disorders may also cause the person to sleep excessively, which is known as hypersomnia. It can be caused due to anxiety, depression, stress, jet lag, health condition, medications taken, or even amount of coffee drunk by the person. It affects the brain.Parasomnias - These are disruptive sleep related disorders which include abnormal and unnatural movements, behaviors, emotions, perceptions, and dreams while sleeping.

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