It’s common for parents to feel like sleep issues are behind them once their baby is sleeping well at night and taking restful naps during the day. Wrong bedtime – If your toddler is not getting enough sleep, but still waking up too early, try to put him to bed slightly earlier. If your toddler is done sleeping at that early time in the morning and getting enough sleep at night, you may be putting your toddler down for bed too early. There are a few other reasons your toddler could be waking up too early, but these are the three main reasons. Realistically, though, there are some reasons that some younger toddlers need to move to beds. Involve your child in the decoration of the room, comforter set, and the bed he will sleep in. If your toddler gets out of bed, promptly return him to bed and don’t make it a game. Join over 200,000 parents around the world & sign up today to receive the guide and our Baby Sleep Newsletter absolutely FREE!

Or, at the very least, many parents believe toddlers will outgrow some of their sleep issues (and they often can, but not always). I look back and remember Saturday morning cartoons, probably designed mostly to keep young kids entertained, so their parents can sleep in! Many parents think it will be the morning nap, but, in my experience, it’s usually the afternoon nap for most toddlers. Make sure you keep bedtime EARLY because taking just one nap on one day is one thing, but over the course of 1-2 weeks toddlers start to get very tired and sleep can unravel pretty quickly. The significant thing about a toddler being in a bed, as opposed to a crib, is the fact that there are imaginary boundaries. Perhaps a sibling is on the way and you need the crib for the baby or your toddler starts climbing out of the crib anyway or perhaps your toddler is wanting a new bed like her friend, older sibling, or just because.
Make sure you tune in to the Tele-seminar next Monday where I will review these topics again, in more detail, along with additional toddler sleep concepts such as how much sleep your toddler really needs, how bedtime routines change in toddlerhood, transitioning to non-napping, why your toddler may be still waking up in the middle of the night, bringing home a new baby, and more! If you want more information on helping your toddler sleep, please pick up our free e-Book titled Toddler Sleep Secrets: Getting Started.

Today, we begin talking about the sleep issues that may be plaguing your toddler and affecting your entire family.
It will be very hard to get her down for this nap OR she will start taking too long to fall asleep and then sleep so late in the day that it’s difficult for her to fall asleep at bedtime. With the transitioning away from naps, this keeps bedtime earlier and he should still be getting between 10 and 12 hours of sleep every night.
Also, if you are eating breakfast right away in the morning, you will likely be sabotaging your sleeping in efforts. So, he may be on the verge of transitioning to one nap at 11 months, but starts walking at 12 months, and may need two naps, for a bit longer, for example.

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