It's definitely interesting to see how the different amounts of sleep are good for one type of person, but bad for another! Since a lot of people have been commenting about their college sleeping habits, I've found an article that discusses how much sleep is the "right" amount for people like us! Up until last semester, I had been going to bed at around 10 every night; even though I got about 9 hours of sleep everyday, I still felt very tired during the day. I liked the article in Kayla's post that had a table of ages and the approximate number of sleep each age group should get.

This article not only informs you how much sleep to get, but also lists some more of the negative aspects of having irregular sleeping habits or from simply just not getting enough sleep!
A few weeks ago I started to go to bed later cause I thought too much sleep wasn't doing me any good.
But, its interesting that sometimes too much sleep can actually be more harmful than beneficial.
I definitely have to agree that with younger children, it is more beneficial to get a longer amount of sleep.

I mean, when reading that article we can see how with shorter amounts of sleep, younger children are much more cranky and less energetic! Some experts, according to the article believe that there is no perfect number stating what the exact amount of sleep a night should be, but it does have a lot to do with two factors known as basal sleep need( how much sleep our bodies need) and sleep debt (catching up on sleep we've missed from being sick and so on), which you discussed in your blog, good job!

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