Windows 7 Media Center is a notable program of the operating system, which basically facilitate user with the service of recorded clips music and viewing videos, besides that it has another option, which is setting a required timer length with the help of software known as MC7.
For Windows 7 this application is very useful and with a simple plug-in you can experience the benefits of this application. Free software of MC7 Sleep Timer has to be downloaded in your windows before you install the program. Properly install the program in your operating system, while following the instruction and after clicking ‘Finish’ your file of MC7 Sleep Timer will be found in the folder of ‘Media Center Extra Library’. A huge box will appear on your screen with various options from where you can easily select the length of shutdown timer though the option of ‘Customer Timer’, or you can select any of the given lengths.

When you select the required time you will receive an audio confirmation to ensure that your procedure has been completed. To set a custom length of time place the cursor on the ‘Custom’ option and start scrolling, select the suitable option and click right or left to conclude. Before exiting from the window, schedule the actual time and press ‘Enter’ to wrap up the procedure. Windows XP is a friendly user with a fast set of options it provides ease and comfort to its users, these simple steps will definitely help you in making use of the Sleep Timer.
Sometimes you feel irritated when your Computer suddenly goes off into sleep, or your screen saver shows up, or your monitor gets turned off in the mid of watching a video.

There is a timer option to set a date and time for reverting to the original Windows Power settings.
Da meine Freundin abends gerne mein Book mit ins Schalfzimmer nimmt, um sich noch einen Film zum Einschlafen reinzuziehen, bin ich auf der Suche nach einem vernunftigen "Shutdown Timer" der mit Windows 7 64 Bit funktioniert!

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