Sleep tracking is an interesting and often, useful method to optimize your sleep cycles and wake up feeling really fresh. Perhaps, the most comprehensive, minimal and affordable of all the sleep trackers is Sleep Cycle. MotionX boasts an intensive set of sleep tracking features with things like background noise for inducing sleep. As a final addition to the list, Sleep Time is your go-to app when you want a simple, free sleep tracking app.
Apple's latest flagship device iPhone 6s series boasts the latest 3D Touch technology. The UP system is a complete fitness app that can be used for a lot of fitness-related tracking. The app collects data from any of the Fitbit products (One, Ultra, Flex, Force) and compiles a chart of your sleep cycle.

While it provides the basic features like optimal wake-up cycle based on how you sleep, the app also provides options to pick your favorite song as the alarm.
The app does have interesting and useful features that help you hack your sleep cycle and understand the optimal times. There are some very good, high-grade sleep tracking apps too that make use of M7 co-processor in iPhone 5s. From tracking the number of hours you sleep to charting out the various levels of sleep you hit when you sleep, the app comes as a decent resource. Sleep Cycle times the alarm in a 30-minute window that gradually wakes you up so that you feel fresh. And it’s probably one of the few apps that monitor and correlate your heart-rate to sleep quality and provide some insights on this.
Like a few apps, UP will identify the right time to wake you up after a few days of use so that you wake up feeling fresh.

Over time, it gives you insights into your sleeping cycle with interesting measurements that quantify how well you’ve slept. There is also a Power Nap feature which lets you sleep for shorter durations but still feel refreshed when you wake up. Op deze manier maakt de app het mogelijk om jou te wekken op een zo gunstig mogelijk punt, zodat je uitgerust en rustig wakker wordt.Stel, je zet de welker om 7 uur, dan moet je maximaal uit bed want anders haal je je trein van 8uur niet.

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