Aside from foods with high GI counts, there are also some more biological agents that help you sleep. If you're working out but you don't feel like you're seeing results, your sleep habits may be to blame. SLEEP is far more than a daily period during which you lapse into a lengthy state of unconsciousness. Our new sleep formulation SleepScape is designed to equip your brain with supplies of sleep-enhancing natural substances to help make it easy to just let go and slip into a daytime nap or nighttime sleep without a struggle, even at the end of or during a day that may be full of hard work and stressful events. We designed SleepScape for our own personal use because there are a lot of things to worry about these days and we really need good sleep.
The authors explain that prior studies have shown a strengthening of spatial associative memory from learning-related cues presented during slow-wave sleep. Our comment: The time profile of the release of prostaglandin D2 when inducing sleep may be different from the very short-term effect it has during niacin flushing. Many studies have examined sleep-deprived animals and people to help identify sleep mechanisms and to develop treatments for cognitive problems associated with sleep deficiency.
A key sleep-promoting substance is melatonin, produced in and released from the pineal gland. A growing number of papers exploring the mechanisms that help explain detrimental effects of sleep disruption or deprivation are being published.

We know of no sleep-promoting remedy, including our own, that has actually been tested experimentally for its effects on all these cognitive and emotional processes that have been reported to take place during sleep. One of those chemicals is serotonin, which most  recall to be the agent that is most often associated with depression.
Not surprisingly, there is much yet to be learned about how sleep works, but some things are becoming much clearer. REM sleep is sometimes called paradoxical sleep because of the atonia (paralysis) of postural muscles along with twitching and episodic bursts of sacchades of quick conjugate eye movements that accompanies it.
Curiously, prostaglandin D2 has been identified as a potent inducer of sleep but is also the prostaglandin released by niacin that causes flushing. Another new one,11 noting the increased susceptibility of people suffering from sleep deprivation to inflammation-associated diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and cancer, led researchers to examine the effects of double knock out (knocking out both CRY1 and CRY2, the genes for CRY, the core clock component protein cryptochrome, in mice and in knockout cells. Fortunately, you can detect how well you slept by how you feel and perform when you wake up and later during the day. Then, when an EEG indicated that a subject was in slow wave sleep during an afternoon nap, one of the melodies was covertly presented 20 times over a 4-minute interval.
The researchers report studies documenting changes in the quality of sleep across the lifespan that includes decreases in nighttime sleep, polysomnographically assessed reductions in slow wave (NREM sleep stages 3 and 4), and increased daytime sleep.
Melatonin preserves longevity protein (sirtuin 1) expression in the hippocampus of total sleep-deprived rats.

The animals subject to total sleep deprivation that received no melatonin showed impaired performance in the Morris water maze test. In subjects who also practiced the two melodies but slept during the afternoon nap without a cued melody, the average playing after awakening improved as well, in correlation with the amount of time spent in slow wave sleep, but not to the degree of improvement shown by those exposed to the cued melody during slow-wave sleep. For example, if older people need less sleep than younger ones, then less sleep might be appropriate. Still, it is interesting to note that the drop in core body temperature that occurs at the onset of sleep is associated with increased cutaneous (skin) blood flow. Interestingly, while the animals totally sleep deprived were impaired in finding the hidden platform in the Morris water maze, they took nearly identical lengths of time (compared to the sleep deprived but melatonin treated animals) to reach a visible platform.
This was experimentally shown by preventing the animals from sleeping after a meal, which resulted in the prevention of apoptosis of the newly formed neurons. Thus, the authors conclude, the total sleep deprivation caused a spatial learning deficit rather than causing some sort of sensorimotor disability.

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