At Sleep & Wellness Medical Associates, our mission is to provide high-quality integrative medical care with compassion utilizing a holistic approach to promote health and wellness. As far as him being my sleep doctor, and several family members with sleep problems, I can only say he is the best. The information contained in this web site is for educational purposes only and is meant to increase understanding of the issues surrounding sleep health.
This entry was posted in Products and tagged Brain and Sleep Support System, Healthy Living by Christine W.. We all know how important sleep is to our health and wellbeing, yet consistently people skip their much needed rest. It may seem obvious, but making sure the room we sleep in is completely dark is vital to a restful sleep. A lucky few can sleep through anything but the rest of us have to do our best to minimise sound in the environment we sleep. By bedtime a million worries can be racing through our minds, all stopping us from getting to sleep. Not only will you melt your partner, but a candle lit dinner could help you melt into a dream sleep! It may be tempting to drift off for a nap during the day but this often leads to later nights and less sleep.
It is often tempting to take our meals or work in bed, however this leads us to associate the bed with things other than sleep!

Lullabies are a time honoured way of soothing babies to sleep but there is music that can help adults sleep too. We are all creatures of habit and though work schedules and commitments can clash with this, don’t let it clash with your sleep. We specialize in Internal Medicine, sleep disorders, pulmonology, cardiovascular disease prevention, weight management as well as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Turn Off the Lights. Melatonin helps control sleep and wake cycles, being produced at high levels by the brain at night and dropping in the early morning hours. Reading a book involves no sleep deteriorating blue light and engages us cognitively, tiring and relaxing us simultaneously which can lead to easier, better sleep. Artificial lights often emit that dreaded melatonin robber, blue light and so substituting these for candles will not only vitalise your partner but is soft and soothing and can aid you in your quest for revitalising sleep.
Warm milk and chamomile tea are often touted as excellent remedies for sleepless nights and they may be just the trick to set you off for the night. Even a 20 minute light work out can help to tire your body and will promote your body’s’ production of oxygen, allowing you to sleep easy through the night.
If your mind and body both identify the bed as just where you sleep you will find it much easier to get your rest. There are hundreds of CD’s that are for this purpose, ranging from the sounds of nature, to melodious music and vocals that send you to a sound sleep. Simply performing the same routine each night before bed will condition your body to associate that routine with sleep and you could incorporate the other tips into it!

Since starting the Isagenix Sleep Support & Renewal, one spray and I am out for the night.
There are simple and effective ways that you can improve your sleep cycles and make sure that both mind and body are revitalised every morning, try the techniques below and before long you should be sleeping soundly. However, make sure you have a strong bladder, as nocturnal bathroom visits can disturb our sleeping patterns. Have your candlelit dinner, followed by a nice long bath, dip into a book and then drift off to a perfect sleep with the help of guided meditation!
Making sure you stick to this routine everyday will help to give you a perfect nights sleep and leave you fresh and revitalized every morning! If you have trouble making your room completely dark, try an eye mask to block out any excess light while you sleep. Michael Colgan and Isagenix Scientists, Sleep Support & Renewal is a melatonin-infused spray that, when taken daily, provides a more restful night’s sleep.

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