And since that time, the topic of melatonin is one of the most requested questions that people with sleep concerns ask. So let me pull back the covers and answer some of the questions people have when searching for melatonin information. Chemically, you'll notice on a bottle of melatonin supplements that it says N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine.
The gist of it is, most sleep experts recommend caution when it comes to giving 100% melatonin supplements for kids.
In the meantime, if you don't want to give melatonin to your children, here is an excellent alternative. This natural sleep aid is packed with 49 specific ingredients to help people with their insomnia, anxiety, or stress. The Sleep Passport Sleep & Health Page on FacebookJust a quick note to let you know I also regularly post tips and tidbits on sleep and health on my Facebook page.

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The sleep hormone melatonin may lower your risk of developing prostate cancer, a Harvard School of Public Health study has found. Melatonin, a hormone produced exclusively at night during deep sleep, could have a significant impact on your risk of developing advanced prostate cancer, a new study from Harvard University has found. The hormone, which is considered a crucial output of the so-called circadian rhythm that regulates our sleeping pattern, has been shown in previous studies to influence a range of other hormones and biological factors involved in carcinogenesis, or the formation of tumors. By illuminating a possible preventative strategy against prostate cancer, the study adds yet another clear benefit of proper rest and sufficient sleep.
The researchers were looking for urinary levels of 6-sulfatoxymelatonin, the main breakdown product of melatonin. Another example is a Northwestern University study from 2013, in which researchers show that a good night’s sleep may help you unravel phobias and fear memories.

Benefit is wide range; healthier, fresher, less nervous, quality spend sleep hours, prevent disease. Red color is melatonin friendly, so use your alarm clocks with red led display, you will be happier tomorrow. You will have no doubt been recommended to try using melatomin hormone as sleeping aid, and here we want to try and answer as many of your questions as possible about this sleep hormone.

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