The Forma Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear from Fisher & Paykel is part of the FlexiFit family of masks. The Forma Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear from Fisher and Paykel continues with the unique FlexiFit™ design. Unlike previous FlexiFit™ Full Face masks, the Forma incorporates a new T-Piece forehead support that provides added stability and auto-adjusts for hassle-free fitting. This describes the type of mask, either: nasal, full face, nasal pillow, nasal prong, hybrid, oral, or total face.
The value will be marked 'Yes' for CPAP masks with interfaces that are unique to CPAP users with wide facial features.
TV Friendly CPAP masks have interfaces that avoid obstructing your vision so you can read or watch TV before going to bed.
These masks have the least amount of material around the face, fewer headgear points, and offers more freedom when you sleep. These masks were designed specifically for women to accommodate smaller facial features and lifestyle needs. The mask frame does not have an identifiable size because it is designed to fit each of the Forma Full Face cushions. To find the size of the silicone seal, turn the mask to view the flat bottom of the full face mask.
Yes, we created a Help Me Choose guide to help you select the right mask or machine according to your preferences.

Medicare allows for mask cushion replacement every three (3) months, and a complete mask system replacement every six (6) months.
If your mouth drops open during sleep, a full face may be selected to allow for the CPAP airflow to be delivered through both the nose and mouth. Some CPAP users move to using a full face mask after finding that using a nasal mask along with a chinstrap does not meet their sleep therapy needs. De–stress your life, sleep better, and conquer depression with the latest news and insights on mood management, plus special offers. To help you find the answers to all your sleep apnea questions, we’ve combed the Web for the most helpful online resources. The inner foam cushion helps contour the mask to a wide range of faces and promotes optimal frame alignment. Air is routed away from the user and their sleeping partner and helps minimize exhaust noise. These unique CPAP Masks offer replaceable cushions as a low cost solution to keep your mask feeling and working like new. Masks marked "yes" contain a forehead support, while masks marked "no" do not contain a forehead support. This removes the oils left behind from your skin which can reduce the lifespan of your mask.
Studies have shown that the moment you remove your continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) mask, obstructive sleep apnea returns.

The Easy-Release cord makes removing a mask easy and prevents a user from the need to re-adjust headgear every time you take off the mask. This is ideal for users who have not tried the mask before and do not know the right size to select. Nasal Pillow masks are ideal because they accommodate the size of the 'nare' or nasal openings, not the face.
Nasal pillow and prong masks are ideal for wide faces because the seal occurs around the nare, not the face. Users who are experiencing a dry mouth, sore throat, or sinus congestion may require a mask that seals around the mouth.
Based on your answers we provide you with a comparison chart of the masks that meet your criteria. While you may be able to get away with one or two nights without the machine, the symptoms will eventually come back. The mask frame does not need a corresponding letter as it offers a universal fit, but the silicone seal and cushion will need to be the same size to work as intended. Remember, going to bed with a clean face will improve your seal and protect the lifespan of your mask.

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