People who have sleep apnea have problems breathing at night due to an obstruction in their airway, and some sufferers breathe through their mouths. There have been studies of the Buteyko breathing method but mainly with regard to using as an alternative therapy for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and not as a treatment option for sleep apnea. Individuals who have adopted the Buteyko breathing method claim to experience an increase in energy, sleep more soundly and find their immune system improved. If you have sleep apnea and would like to explore available treatment options, please contact one of our medical concierges today at 1-855-863-4537 to schedule a free consultation. Phoebe Ochman, Director of Communications for Sleep Apnea Treatment Centers of America, manages all content and communications for the company.
Make Sleep a Priority in 2016Dec 30, 2015You say you want to bring in the New Year with a positive life change that will benefit you and your health.

About UsSleep Apnea Treatment Centers of America was founded for the sole purpose of providing superior sleep solutions for our patients to improve their overall quality of life. We seek to gain a thorough understanding of each patient’s sleep disorder and individual medical needs in order to provide the best care and treatment solutions available to effectively treat their sleep condition.
What We DoWe offer a unique and comprehensive form of sleep apnea treatment that effectively seeks to cure sleep apnea over the course of an average of 6 treatments. Having the ability to significantly impact our patients’ lives for the better through improved sleep and minimizing health risks is something that we take great pride in. At any rate, left untreated, sleep apnea results in the tissues of the body, including the brain, not receiving the nutrients that oxygen provides. One of the most beneficial resolutions to your overall health is changing your sleep habits.

Please take a look at what our patients are saying and view some of our Sleep Apnea success stories. Nevertheless, this breathing method is not a true medical treatment of sleep apnea but only another avenue of lifestyle modification that can possibly help. It is always important to seek out sound medical advice and get an accurate diagnosis and information about all available sleep apnea treatment options.

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