With this directive, car, motorcycle, van and truck are drivers to be forced to answer to specific questions about diseases such as the OSAS (obstructive sleep apnea syndrome). The information below regarding taking a driving test has been taken directly from the Driving Standards Agency website. Drivers seeking vocational licence entitlement should be experienced and technically expert, the assessment criteria reflects this. After the safety questions you will be examined on your general driving and on set exercises.

You can make up to 15 driving faults and still pass the test (16 or more results in failure). If the driving test is not completed for reasons attributable to you or your vehicle, you will have to take another test at your own cost.
There are two exercises to complete at the test center prior to embarking upon the actual driving test.
New rules aimed at stopping people driving while on drugs came into force in England and Wales last month.

The Mapfre Foundation (an ETSC member) has launched a mobile app in Spain that prevents calls and text messages from distracting the user while driving.
If this condition is verified, the validity of the driving license may be reduced to two or three years.

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