New research has linked sleep apnea with Gastroesphageal reflux disorder (GERD) and sleep bruxism.
Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), on average, affects 25% of a regular patient base with most of these cases being undiagnosed. The overall health signs of OSA include gasping during sleep, loud snoring, frequent urination, chronic fatigue, diabetes mellitus, cardiac disease, depression and poor concentration. OSA is diagnosed with an overnight sleep test, which may be the use of a polysomnography (PSG) or a home sleep testing unit.
Currently, four treatments are used: weight loss, surgery, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and the use of oral appliances. The surgical options for OSA treatment are often painful and invasive and do not guarantee success. Oral appliances are made by dentists who have received special training in dental sleep medicine.
Regularly talking to patients about OSA during all appointments will help to raise awareness for both the patient base and the office.

About UsThe Dental Health Coach is a relationship-based dental practice offering exceptional service, technical expertise, compassionate care and a philosophy unlike any other dental practice. This machine blows air into your nose and keeps the airway open, but a lot of people have a difficult time with this machine. Noticing simple signs and symptoms can help dental assistants to give their patients not only great oral health but also better overall health.
The HST unit is a small box that patients put on themselves which then records brain waves, oxygen levels and even heart rate. The types of surgeries include the removal of the tonsils and adenoids and correction of a deviated septum. These inserts stiffen and support the tissue of the soft palate and reduce upper airway collapse and snoring.
Heavy bruxism, GERD and higher Mallampati classification rating are some of the most obvious dental signs of OSA.
These episodes are commonly caused by the muscles in the jaw and throat relaxing too much, allowing the soft tissues and mandible to fall back and obstruct the airway.

Once the patient returns the unit, the results are downloaded and sent to a sleep physician who will read them and make a diagnosis. This can cause stomach acid to be pushed into the throat and mouth, potentially corroding the teeth.
The sleep technician records the frequency and severity of the episodes and later, a sleep physician will read the results and make a diagnosis. Many healthcare professionals find this to be the preferred means of testing due to high rates of accuracy and higher chances of patient compliance. Although CPAP is the most commonly prescribed method of treatment for OSA, most patients cannot tolerate it due to discomfort issues associated with the mask, high levels of air pressure and restrictions on sleeping positions.
During an apneic episode, the patient often clenches and grinds the teeth in order to wake up and resume breathing, possibly resulting in TMJ disorder and tooth wear.

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