By Holli RonquilloSleep paralysis can be a completely terrifying experience for anyone who experiences it.
By Leigh Ann MorganMuscle paralysis is a normal part of sleep, but we are usually unconscious when it occurs. By Leigh Ann MorganThe sleep cycle consists of five separate stages of sleep that all produce different types of brain activity. By Leigh Ann MorganSleep paralysis is a condition that causes a person to wake up during the REM stage of sleep, when the skeletal muscles are naturally paralyzed.
By Mariele VentriceSurprisingly, not many people seem to know much about sleep paralysis—the sleep disorder characterized by a conscious experience of immobility while sleeping, often accompanied by terrifying visions of menacing entities.

By Mariele VentriceIf you’ve ever experienced sleep paralysis or even heard a story about someone who has, it might be easy to believe that sleep paralysis is a dangerous occurrence.
By Leigh Ann MorganMany people have heard of insomnia or sleepwalking, but not many know about a strange phenomenon known as sleep paralysis.
An article in The New York Times even suggests that people who experience alien abductions are actually probably describing a sleep paralysis episode. During the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep, there is a loss of skeletal muscle tone that renders you unable to move. This is a scary experience for people who have never experienced a sleep paralysis episode, but it can also disrupt a person’s sleep patterns and cause daytime fatigue.

I hadn’t heard of the phenomenon myself until last summer, when I chanced into living with a roommate, who had recurring episodes of sleep paralysis. This condition can be caused by one of several sleep disorders, but it can also be related to other medical conditions.

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