Joe is relieved to find that he\'s not going crazy but that his symptoms are caused by a treatable dental issue. A seizure in your body is a temporary and impulsive amplification of the electrical disturbances and signals that end in irregular behavior such as spasms in the muscles, convulsions and tremors. When the nerve cells get increasingly excited, they tend to reduce the capacity to withstand seizures.
Epileptic seizures have been causing far reaching damage to the health of people in the world these days. An American Journal of Medicine had published over three decades ago that people could have a relapse of seizures after a long break, too. Virtually all types of seizures disappear when a person achieves 30 s for the body oxygen test (the Control Pause) in the morning (right after sleep at night) and during the day. Hyperventilation and arterial hypocapnia are principally responsible for creating low carbon dioxide levels in the body, resulting in seizures. Few people may have a little tremor in their hands and they may not faint or lose consciousness with the occurrence of a seizure while others may have their bodies shaking violently and they may lose consciousness.

A study has been done recently revealing that almost one per cent of the entire population of the Western World is affected by the condition of epileptic seizures. Their parents and their teachers were instructed to change the breathing styles of children and this helped in controlling their seizure spells.
The study was endorsed few decades later in 1956 by the Science Magazine article titled, `Inhibition of audio-genic seizures by carbon dioxide’. This patient had a continuous and long reduction in the number of seizures he suffered with after being exposed to behavioural and educational therapy that was geared to help get rid of chronic hyperventilation. In some cases, genetic factors have an impact on people when they suffer from seizures and epilepsy. They will not respond normally during the occurrence of a seizure and it is not advisable to disturb them physically when they ae experiencing a fit. When a seizure prolongs for over five minutes, it can strain a person and can result in death on account of epilepsy. Both these studies emphasized the importance of inhaling air enriched by carbon dioxide levels to reduce the severity and also the duration of a seizure and its effect on muscle and nerve cells.

Breathing techniques and elimination of deliberate hyperventilation can reduce the effect of seizures and epilepsy in general.
Pathologically, the changes that take place in the oxygen and carbon dioxide cerebral levels are the crucial factors that lead to seizures naturally. This will pass through in a few minutes and when the affected people come out of the seizure spell, they may not even remember what happened to them. The number of deaths that occur every year in the world due to epileptic seizures is in excess of one hundred thousand in the western world itself.
One of the most recent studies done on this subject was eight years ago when few Finnish scientists did an experiment on pups of rats and confirmed that suppression of alkalosis with a ratio of five per cent carbon dioxide which was ambient helped in eliminating the seizures totally within a matter of minutes.

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