Sleeping pills are generally taken when you are suffering from insomnia or are layman’s term when you are not having proper sleep due to stress or any other disruptions. Seizures means having abnormal electrical activity in brain which causes black outs, uncontrollable shaking of the body, sudden eye movements. People consuming excessive amount of sleeping pills on a daily basis suffers from anxiety disorder.
Usually sleeping pills consists of benzodiazepines along with other anti-depressant agents which slow down the central nervous system. Triazolam, a benzodiazepines is the main constituent of sleeping pills causes side effects like sleep walking or amnesia. Sleeping pills within a particular range or dose under the strict guidance of the doctor is good and doesnot cause any ill effects to your health.
Excessive intake of sleeping pills can increase the risk of having various forms of cancer like blood cancer, colorectal cancer etc which may ultimately lead to death.
Any symptoms observed after having sleeping pills over a prolonged period of time must be consulted to the doctor until it’s too late. Tonic-clonic seizures also formerly known as grand mal seizures is one of the most common convulsion attacks. It is proved that one of the most renowned cause of seizure is the side effect of medicines we intake. Medication without proper prescription of the doctor is the main reason of the incidence of seizures. Predictable or most common side effects consists of general, common and dose-related side effects that are commonly associated with any kind of epilepsy drug.
Idiosyncratic side effects are rare and random reactions which are generally not dose-related. Inimitable side effects are those side effects which are unique and are not share by other drugs in the same class.
Dizziness is the lethal side effect of this seizure that restricts the normal movements in daily life.
Digestion problems are commonly faced effect by the seizure patients, whatever they eat is difficult for them to digest during this illness. Above discussed seizure is fatal to health so we should take prompt step and should remain cautious while taking in medicines because medication’s side effect is the most commonly reported cause of grand mal seizure. As some of you will know, our daughter was diagnosed with Benign Rolandic Epilepsy last year, and since then we’ve been on the roller coaster of finding the right dose of medicine, of trying to find ways to help her get the sleep she needs, and of dealing with seizures that unfortunately, have progressed to full-on tonic clonic (otherwise known as grand mal) seizures.

You may recall I wrote a post sometime last year about the possible link between seizures, melatonin and lack of sleep.
Given that this is still an issue with very real consequences in my life and in the life of my family, I wanted to write a follow up post to share with you the research I’ve found on the subject. What does seem clear that there is some kind of relationship between melatonin and seizures. If you know of other information that’s missing, please send it to me via email and I will add it to the list. From spending some time reading some pretty credible sources, it appears that smaller, standard doses of melatonin may increase the likelihood of seizures, whereas mega-doses of the hormone seem to reduce the frequency of seizures. Much of the research that has been done to date on melatonin use in children has been in populations with conditions such as ADHD, Autism, visual impairments, Cerebral Palsy, and developmental disabilities.
About This SiteThe Fussy Baby Site was started in 2007 by Holly Klaassen, and was inspired by her son. Sleeping pills contain benzodiazepines which is an anti-depressant agent which increases the risk of seizures. The symptoms of anxiety disorder includes feeling of panic, phobias, shortness of breath, dry mouth, dizziness and nauseated feeling. But we all know that consuming too much of sleeping pills affects the digestive system very badly because it stimulates the digestive system which ultimately leads to diarrhea. But consuming too much of the sleeping pills affects the enzymes of the liver which ultimately leads to liver damage and also increases the bile secretion in the liver. It is strange or rather surprising to know that some person is allergic to sleeping pills also.
Some medications given during this period can also become the cause of occurrence of grand mal seizure that can also be genetically transmitted to the baby. Melatonin is a hormone, and the long-term effects on children have not been studied sufficiently. Inspired to start the site after giving birth to her second child, the site aims to provide support and information to parents of fussy, colicky, high need or 'spirited' babies and kids. The purpose of this site is to offer support and information to parents of fussy, colicky or high need babies and toddlers, and to help you know you're not alone! Although there are various prescription sleeping pills available in the market which helps you to treat the sleeping disorder problems, but one avoid having the same. Excessive intake of sleeping pills causes irregular heart beat and also lowers the potassium level in the body.

Excessive intake of sleeping pills may also cause irritable bowel syndrome whose symptoms include abdominal pain, irregular bowel movements etc. It is also said that those people who used to consume a lot of alcohol and now taking medicines for its less consumption are the first ones to be hunted by grand mal seizures; tranquilizers are very dangerous because they can lead you to lethal seizures and liver disorders especially in the case of physical withdrawal.
I cut the tablets in half and gave the to him 30mins prior to the time he was to be put to sleep. Try some natural or any herbal or ayurvedic techniques to treat insomnia or any other sleeping disorder.
After is was over, he confirmed he was awake while it was happening, and could remember the things we did and said during the seizure.
With the last 2 he has lost complete consciousness, and has gone bluish in the lips by the time the seizure has stopped. One should not get addicted to the same as getting addicted to sleeping pills can pose serious threats to your health.
He has always been a very good sleeper, and never fought sleep as your daughter did, so that is quite different in comparison.
We are grateful to know he should outgrow it, as you stated, but his seizures are quite infrequent. We’ve had him re-evaluated by the neurologist and he feels the decision to medicate could go either way. Sleeping pills contain benzodiazepines along with other anti-depressant agents which slow down the central nervous system. I wonder what medication your daughter has done well with, and what if any side effects they have caused. Excessive use of sleeping pills can cause liver and kidney damage and can also lead to death. It’s not to be used as an easy way out, not to mention with or on children with predisposed medical concerns and especially not for long continuous periods of time.

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