Fast forward to the library at Harvard in 2010 where I was reviewing for my sleep medicine boards, where I read that sufferers of restless leg syndrome (RLS) may complain of “too much energy in their legs”. RLS in children and adults is characterized by leg discomfort which keeps the sufferer from falling asleep. It is critical to enforce appropriate sleep hygiene and age appropriate bedtimes in children with RLS to ensure an age appropriate amount of sleep. Treatment for children with more severe sleep disruption frequently includes medication. In most children I prefer clonidine or gabapentin.

Clearly, the assessment and management of this disorder is complex and should be made by a physician experienced in caring for affected children. RLS is a surprisingly common disorder in children, although it is difficult to estimate how common it is. It may, however, show the presence of periodic limb movements of sleep(PLMS), which are rhythmic leg twitches which occur commonly in RLS and may disrupt sleep. Picchietti (the real leader in the study of this disease in children) and Georgi Bell for obtaining permission for the images used in this article.

I would feel like I had “too much energy” in my legs and I would be unable to get comfortable.
All I can say is I am so happy you are studying and publishing about RLS in children, because no one should have to endure the childhood problems that we did!!

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