March 1, 2011 by QponCutie 2 Comments Delve Market Research is looking for participants for an upcoming study in the Philadelphia area.
I have acid reflux, occasional sleeping difficulties, symptoms of menopause and would like to participant in the study. The UC Berkeley study explored this correlation with older people, the loss of quality sleep and the drop in memory capability.
Insomnia is a chronic condition that affects millions, yet medical science is still far from unraveling its mysteries. Since fruit flies live for a fortnight or so, Shaw was able to amplify the insomnia by selective breeding.
The experiments have shown that those flies who were severely affected with insomnia regularly stumbled, had poorer appetite, were slow learners, and gained more fat.

Researchers are speculating that some genes, altered by insomnia and sleep deprivation, may simultaneously contribute to both detrimental and temporarily advantageous effects, reported Sleep Review. To test their theories, they organized a study (in a type of clinical trial) that tested the memory of 18 young adults (in their 20s) and 15 healthy older adults (mostly in their 70s).
Louis have created a line of fruit flies that they hope will someday offer newer insights in the mechanisms that cause insomnia in humans.
As he studied the healthy flies, Shaw noticed that a few flies naturally slept less than others. While these are certainly negative traits born out of insomnia, intentional sleep-deprivation also developed resistance to the adverse effects of lack of adequate sleep. Interestingly, the flies, which only get a small fraction of the sleep as compared to normal flies, significantly resemble insomniac humans.

He decided to take flies with insomnia-like characteristics and breed them to amplify those qualities. If researchers turned on a light at night, insomniac flies woke and stayed up the rest of the night, while the healthy flies went back to sleep.
Now a new study by scientists at the University of California Berkeley demonstrates a clear link between the two.

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