There are mixed reactions about this mouthpiece from people and this is probably because there are different causes of snoring (but also because there are different versions which people mix up). It is also important to note that some people did not realize they are supposed to boil the device (the cheaper versions), so it is important to make certain the instructions are present and followed, because once the procedure of boiling and cooling down is done then there seem to be a lot less complaints about the fitting of the snore no more mouthpiece.
So all in all this is a very good device which clearly helps people to tackle their snoring problems.

I find the Snore no more mouthpiece to be excellent, but I must say it was difficult to find one to be delivered where I live. It is designed in such a way as to reduce snoring in people and it could potentially also eliminate snoring.
After all, if the device does its job in reducing or even eliminating the problems of snoring and especially at quite affordable prices then one could take some time to get used to it.

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